Батутное покрывало COVER-WINTER

Why the trampoline cover?

With the onset of cold weather, many pool owners are wondering: what to cover the pool for the winter period? The answer is simple - a trampoline all-weather cover from Cover Pools. It will protect your pool from dirt, leaves, snow and give it a noble appearance.

The coverlet is made of polypropylene fabric, which withstands a load of up to 350 kg / m2, and polypropylene sling. Special blind anchors made of brass ensure reliable fixation of the covering.


What is included in the coverlet?

The cover set includes: the cover itself and a set of fasteners for installation

How is it measured?

You send us a photo of your pool and the exact size of the pool. We make a project, you approve it and we start to make it.

Отличное решение!



Trampoline pool cover is fixed to the base by means of a special stainless spring, which is pulled on a special stainless secret anchor. When removing the cover, the anchor is screwed into the base. Having stepped on the bolt, a person does not feel discomfort.

The size

The only coating for the pool, which can close the pool of the maximum width and length.


Warranty for the covering - 5 years.

Warranty for the fasteners - 5 years.

The service life is 20 years.

We produce 6 types of coatings

Trampoline Cover Pools is a perfect solution for conserving your pool for the winter. The base was covered with strong polypropylene fabric cloth and polypropylene slings. The coverlet is of the shape of the pool and is attached using an original fixation system. It consists of a three-component spring made of stainless steel and an anchor made of brass. With the help of springs, the cover is stretched over the pool, and the anchor made of brass has a safe design - when the cover is fixed, it is twisted out of the case. A special key allows you to fix the springs on the anchors.

Trampoline Cover Pools -  is the only way to close the pools of a large size and complex shape. Ultra-light polypropylene fabric allows you to do this.

Trampoline can easily perform protective functions in winter as well as in summer. For example, it can be used if you are going on vacation and do not want to leave the pool open. Thus, you will ensure the safety of the pool and reduce the cost of maintaining the purity of water. Therefore, it can safely be called “all-season”.

Trampoline Cover Pools is a universal cover that is suitable for any type of pool (concrete, composite, polypropylene, frame), and a pool of any shape (rectangular, oval, round, irregular). It can be installed on pools with waterfalls, stairs, and slides.

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