About the company

The main activities of Cover Pools Company are the development and production of protective coverings for swimming pools. We are ready to offer our customers modern and reliable protective coverings for almost any pool.

Cover Pools, founded in 2014, has offered its customers a manual protective covering for swimming pools. Moving in parallel with modern trends, we constantly expanded the list of protective coverings, developing new types of coating. And now we offer our clients swimming pool coverings in the form of mobile terraces, automatic and semi-automatic covers, a multigrade protective trampoline cover, a louvered coating automatic and manual.

Based on the idea that life and health are the most valuable things, we constantly improve our protective coverings. Our main task is to create the most comfortable coverings for our customers, which can provide maximum safety and comfort.

We create our protective coverings so that they can protect your children and pets from getting into the water. With our covers you will keep the heat of your pool and enjoy swimming all year round, save your money on pool chemistry, keep it clean without any effort and expense.

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