Автоматическая раздвижная платформа Cover-Deck

Why Cover-Pools Sliding Platform

The most modern system for closing and opening the pool. You can cover and uncover your pool pressing the button on the control panel. It’s a good alternative to pavilions that clutter up your site


What is the structure of?

The sliding platform consists of a special aluminum construction in which there is polyurethane foam insulation with double waterproofing and casing made of natural larch or artificial board and platform control system

Can I use the site as a place to relax?

On the platform you can install rattan furniture, a table, armchairs and deck chairs. The total weight that can be put on the platform for each platform is different. The average weight is up to 1500 kg.

Лучшее решение, которое есть на рынке


Warranty for coverage - 3 years

Warranty for the profile and mechanism - 5 years

The service life is 20 years.


The sliding construction is designed by German designers and is tested throughout Europe and several years in Russia. The quality of the platform is confirmed by the certificate of compliance with ISO 9001-2015.


Each platform is manufactured on an individual project, with the approval of color and model of the terrace board. The production time is 45 days.

We produce 6 types of coatings

Отделка искусственной травой

The mobile terrace from Cover Pools is an original and practical solution to the protection of your pool. Mobile terrace will maximize the use of space. If desired, on the terrace you can place a relaxation area with sun loungers, a table and chairs.

The use of mobile terraces is possible throughout the year. The presence of a heater and two waterproofing membranes allows you to keep the heat of the pool and protect it from getting debris. What is more important, you can be calm for your children safety.

At the heart of the mobile terrace is an aluminum profile, which creates a rigid frame structure. Inside the platform, a 10 cm thick insulation is laid. On top and bottom, the insulation is covered with waterproofing membranes. For facing the platform, we use deck or terraced board from Siberian larch. If desired, the finish can be made from an artificial board (decking). There are also exclusive finishing solutions - using aluminum inserts and artificial grass.

You can operate the mobile platform remotely using the remote. It is possible to turn the platform on and off using the fixed button.

The platform moves along the overhead aluminum guides. They are installed on the finished covering of the near-basin area. The height of the guides is only 15 mm, and the shape is rounded, so they are absolutely safe.

When manufacturing a mobile platform, we use only durable and tested materials, so we can safely say that your mobile terrace will serve many years.

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