Тент для бассейна - Ручное покрытие COVER-STAR


The most reliable and simple system of pool covering and uncovering. Indisputable advantages of the Cover Pool coating - ease of installation and use, as well as unsurpassed durability.


How it works?

Opening of the pool is carried out by means of a special handle made of stainless material. Rotating the handle, you can easily roll the veil, and pulling the tape, unfold the cover over the pool. It is an easy and tireless process that takes no more than 30 seconds for a cover of 8x4 size.

Will it withstand the person?

The coating can withstand 1 m2 -70 kg and can withstand a child and even a teenager.

Идеальное решение цена – качество



Warranty - 3 years

Warranty for the profile and mechanism - 10 years

Service life - 20 years


At the heart of our covers lay usability, original design and only durable materials.

We care about our customers and offer the most convenient bedspread. It has a minimum weight due to the hollow aluminum profiles and light reinforced vinyl fabric. For convenient reeling, a special handle is used. It allows you to roll a coating 8 meters long in less than 30 seconds. The original fastening of the fixing loops and tensioners allows them to be moved and installed in a convenient place. Secure brass anchors reliably fix the veil, while they hide in the base, creating an absolutely flat surface.


In the basic configuration, we offer 2 colors of linen: steel (gray) and blue. But it's possible to make a cover of a different color.

We produce 6 types of coatings

Максимальный размер 25 на 5.5

Cover Pool Cover has a unique design, which, if any part of the canvas is damaged, is simply replaced without resorting to replacing the entire fabric. As the stiffeners we use a special aluminum profile of the original shape. Thanks to the form, the sections of the web are securely fixed without additional fastening. The shape of the profile allows you to withstand the snow load and the weight of a person.

When manufacturing Cover Pool we use only durable materials. Vinyl-reinforced cloth, aluminum profile, brass anchors, tensioners and stainless steel hinges - all these cover elements are resistant to corrosion and can serve many years.

All this allows us to state that the covering of the Cover Pool Company will exceed your expectations.

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